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Target local or international companies?

AThompsonAThompson subscriber Posts: 10
edited September 2016 in Selecting a Business
Hey guys, Ashley here.

Should I target local or international companies?

I'm starting my animated videos business and don't know if I should target local business or international companies.

Would I have to be there to sign the contract with the client and make the sale or would be impossible to close the sale over Skype/phone/emails?

Would love to hear about your experiences!

Thanks for your time and for reading,


P.s.: I'm based in L.A.


  • BlueBoxTeamBlueBoxTeam subscriber Posts: 3
    Hi Ashley,

    I would say that its always really useful to start locally. You can learn allot more allot faster. You can start to fin tune your service with small deals knowing that if it goes wrong the damage is limited. Get a good portfolio and then definitely hit international market. You could develop your own site, making it very clear what journey you will take the user on to complete their order. This is effectively your local face to face sales pitch.

    You can also use sites like Fiverr to start getting some business. Just remember that Fiverrr is not about earning money from your core product its about getting people interested in your services that you offer by giving them an inexpensive way to test you out. FYI i do not work for Fiverr...but its a useful tool if your using the ascending transaction model for products, which i would highly recommend.

    Hope that helps,
    Kind Regards,
  • AThompsonAThompson subscriber Posts: 10
    Hey Gareth,

    Thanks for the reply! You're right...I realize it'd be easier to get international clients after I have a record of local sales...

    I'll look into Fiverr for advertisement, along with Facebook and twitter, which I'm planning on going with.

    Thank you again for taking your time to reply... Means a lot!

  • Ankita1234Ankita1234 subscriber Posts: 49 Bronze Level Member
    International business is so more bigger than we thought. The only mean to step outside the country is that you have achieved something in your country. The foreign people asked everything about the business including the How much big office you have.

    If you have all strategy then only you can step out.
  • AThompsonAThompson subscriber Posts: 10
    Thanks Akita!

    I'll definitely take baby steps throughout the development of my business, but targeting international customers will likely happen.

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