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Mynewart.dk - Take a look at my design

Mynewart.dkMynewart.dk subscriber Posts: 2
edited September 2016 in Website Critique
Hello you guys

Would you mind taking a quick look at my website? - http://www.mynewart.dk

The language is danish so I dont guess I will get any feedback on that part ;) - but the design of the frontpage - Anything that has to be changed?

Best regards



  • BunpasiBunpasi subscriber Posts: 3
    Hello Mynewart.dk

    It actually looks great, don't change too much. The only thing I could think of is that the hover effect of the products are not very useful. Why not, instead of using white glares, show a closeup of the artwork. I would show the image with couch by default and the closeup when hovering (or vice versa), but be consistent for an even cleaner look. Also try to make them the same size and don't use a fully white (removed) background.

    Good luck!
  • Charlie PCharlie P subscriber Posts: 84 Silver Level Member
    I agree with the previous poster about the hover glare piece. Another change would be to use text wherever possible. Google translated a majority of the site, but it can't translate words that are in graphics, so you have some buttons and a banner on the front page that I was not able to read. You may be able to broaden your market appeal if almost all of the site was translatable. Overall it is a nice clean site and well laid out.
  • Rohit_webGuyRohit_webGuy subscriber Posts: 12
    In my large desktop screen, it is working fine except the footer is looking too large with blank space and the facebook like wizard is not in order. When I resize the browser window the site layout is breaking down. If responsiveness of the site is not yet done then it is okay but the mobile-first approach is a good practice.
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