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What is the Most Inspirational Thing you Have Ever Experienced?

Ryan O'BlenessRyan O'Bleness administrator Posts: 1,137 Site Admin
edited September 2016 in Grab Bag
Let's have some fun today.

In business or in life, what is the most inspirational thing you've ever seen, heard, done or otherwise experienced?

Why was that experience so memorable?

How can the inspiration from that event translate into creating a startup, growing a business or starting a career?

Let me know!
Ryan O'Bleness
Community Manager
StartupNation, LLC


  • WebMedicWebMedic subscriber Posts: 20 Bronze Level Member
    My journey started as a freelance developer and was on my way to do Masters degree in Internet Technologies.

    The key turning point and most inspirational event was joining and working at a co-working space / venture builder.

    The space was filled with passionate people from all over the world who are working round the clock to build their businesses.

    The experience was so memorable and inspiring because it opened my eyes to the other side of the coin (business) compared to the technical side I was used to.

    The inspiration from that space ignited a fire in me and showed me that whatever it is that I want to do, it is indeed possible.

    During my stay there I canceled my university application and focused full time on building a business - never looked back :)
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  • Ryan O'BlenessRyan O'Bleness administrator Posts: 1,137 Site Admin
    Thanks for sharing!

    Each person has a different path. Sometimes, real life experience and being out there in the trenches can be more useful than earning a master's degree. Making those connections you mentioned is invaluable. I went to college and earned my bachelor's degree in four years and did not pursue any further education. Instead I went into the workforce, also freelancing for a while, and was happy with that choice. There are different paths for different people and one is not better than the other overall, but on an individual basis, it is your decision to make. I am glad you were able to successfully start a business.
    Ryan O'Bleness
    Community Manager
    StartupNation, LLC
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