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Display Units for retail stores

FlapArtFlapArt subscriber Posts: 2
edited November 2006 in Website Critique
Hi There,
We would love some ideas on how to display our product in a retail store.  We produce alternative book covers that are are rolled, similar to a poster.  They are approxx 91/2 inches in lenght.  You can get a feel for them at  www.flapart.ca</A>.
Any suggestions would be great. Also, if you know of any companies offering this service.


  • yourNAMEinDotComyourNAMEinDotCom subscriber Posts: 17
    Hi Brian,When you say "how to display in a retail store" you mean a retail store that you own/control or someone else`s retail store?In other words, is it that you`re getting a couple of shelves in somebody`s store or is it that you have the whole store for yourself? If it`s the latter, I`d say you get some advice from an interior designer who specialises in shop layouts that help sell. You wouldn`t be pulling out from a hat here. I`m sure there are people who have studied this. Check them out and check out their credentials before you fork out the cash. If it`s the former, the same would probably apply. There should be a "best practice" type of way to layout a shelf.All the best,Aleem
  • FlapArtFlapArt subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks for the quick reply Aleem,
    These are for stores we do not control.  We were thinking of a stand alone, that could possibly turn.  It is very hard to do this, while also explaing what the product is.
  • FlapArtFlapArt subscriber Posts: 2
    Any idea would help.  We thought of having them flat like at an art store but we found it took up a lot of space and stores may not go for it.
  • FlapArtFlapArt subscriber Posts: 2
    Again it creates a crease.  FlapArt are very similar to Posters.This has been our highest hurdle is display.  Since the product is new to the world, we need to also tell people what is is and how to use it.  We keep visiting local bookstores to get an idea.  Just not sure which way to go.
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