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BearBytesBearBytes subscriber Posts: 3
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Hey everyone,

It's wonderful to finally find a thriving community for startups with active users.

So a little bit of background; My name is David, I'm a recently graduated (1 year) Software Developer, I have worked as a freelance developer throughout my time at university and now currently work for a FinTech startup with a great culture and great prospects. This hasn't stopped me from continuing to develop my own idea which I am constantly having a hard time to gather the motivation necessary to continue working on it.

I'm currently working for the 2nd startup I've been involved in, the first experience went terribly. I got involved in founding a startup with a couple of friends from university and a couple more people who we met through the university. I quickly found out how cut-throat business could be and how manipulative and just plain evil some people could be to get ahead. Instead of my friends focusing on starting a successful company, they got carried away in the "drunken debauchery" lifestyle some of our clients embraced. When work was not completed a lot of blame was cast and this lead to friendships being broken and myself parting ways from them.

I am a developer at heart and I feel very passionately about developing software, solving problems and keeping the hard working happy. Being part of a successful tech startup now which has an amazing culture, I am aware of how great a companies culture can be when done properly.

I'm really interested in progressing my idea to the point where I could launch a successful product and have a great business off of the back of it. I find it hard to muster the courage to take that leap or put in that extra effort required to make my dream a reality. I'm really excited in diving straight into this community and meeting some of you guys involved.


  • Ryan O'BlenessRyan O'Bleness administrator Posts: 1,137 Site Admin
    Hello, David:

    Welcome to the StartupNation community forums! My name is Ryan, and I am the community moderator. I am glad you have decided to join.

    I read your background story, and my thoughts are that you are completely right. Business is in fact a vicious industry at times. It is important to surround yourself with the right people. Oftentimes, going into business with friends or family can tear apart relationships. With that said, our founders here at StartupNation are a team of brothers and have found the right balance to work together, which has led to immense success for both of them. It's easy to say you want to start a business with your friends because you think you can trust them, but when the tough decisions have to be made, you'll find out who has a personal agenda and who you can truly trust. It's a dangerous game, but it is all a learning experience. I'm glad you've found a quality startup to work for.

    I'm looking forward to your engagement and insights within the community!

    Ryan O'Bleness
    Community Manager
    StartupNation, LLC
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