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Pre release comments wanted

BretBret subscriber Posts: 1
edited February 2007 in Website Critique
We are in the final stages of releasing a new website.  Our current website is  http://Pressaprint.com . The new website is http://testdev.pressaprint.com. Our market is people looking to start their own business.  If you are so inclined please let me know what you think.   The purpose is to inform and to incourage visitors to request more information. I would very much like to know if the new site appeals to this audience.Thanks - BretBret2007-2-19 16:59:50


  • DanaeDanae subscriber Posts: 5
    I tried to see the new site, but the link went to an error page.
    My first thought, when viewing the site was "Oh, this is like Cafe Press."  So I`m wondering, if I was considering going into this business, how would I convince people that my services were preferable to Cafe Press?  Or similar companies. 
    Another thing I don`t see is any compelling reason to choose Press a Print over other home-business opportunities.  The main benefits you list--flexible work time, make money, be your own boss--are benefits that I`ve seen with every other home-business opportunity out there, as well as being inherant to starting any business on your own.  If I was looking to start a home business, I would already have to be sold on the idea of having a printing business to be compelled to buy into your system.
    I also don`t remotely believe your graphic that says "The #1 work from home specialty printing business opportunity."  Unless you can reference that as a quote from a review in a major magazine, or have some proof of it, I`m not going to believe anyone claiming that their own business is #1 in something.  It just looks like hype to me.
    On the positive side, the colors used on the site were appealing--expressed an uplifting free feeling, I thought, which is good when you`re selling a system that will "free up" your time (presumably.) 
    I agree with Nikole that some of the Flash effects didn`t work well, or were poorly used (like fading-in text info on the machines.  I just want to learn about them, not be entertained!)  I think you could tone down the Flash a bit and still get the same dynamic effect.
    Also, edit your text for spelling and grammar.  I spotted a couple of errors, and I wasn`t reading that thoroughly.
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