Commission based income through partnering and Affiliation-Remote-No technical knowledge

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Hello Members,

I am finding collaborative persons who are genuine and serious about earning.

I am the owner of a website design and development service company. We provide all relative services. There is a huge market in this industry in every country and in your surroundings. Only 25%-30% of businesses have a website. Rest of them is not having it. Maybe many businesses don't need a website or online presence but a huge amount of businesses can have a website. And they are all before our eyes. A good approach or a little push can make them understand the importance and necessity of a website for their business. I want interested persons to become a partner with me and market my services in their region. I shall provide all the details, where, how to, how much and payments info to interested people. Currently, we are offering 15-20% commission to our existing partners depending on size and volume of work. For example, a typical starting range website costs about 400$-500$. From this, you can have 50$-100$. If you are an affiliate to Ebay or Amazon then you already know how affiliate marketing wok. You can think us a friendlier version than those.

Interested people directly contact me to [email protected] to start discussing the opportunities.
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