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How can I improve my site?

amritamrit subscriber Posts: 10 Bronze Level Member
edited August 2016 in Website Critique
Hi Friends. This is a brand new site for our new business. In fact we intend to make it our primary site over time. Can you please check it out and see how we can improve it? Also, we are looking for content writers for our blog. If there is anyone out there willing to write very creative stuff on web design, SEO on a monthly basis, I would like them to get in touch with us through the feedback form. We will pay of course.

Here is our site: https://www.raydez.com

Really appreciate if we can get some genuine feedback.


  • darshan.nimblechappsdarshan.nimblechapps subscriber Posts: 42 Bronze Level Member
    I have just visited your website and can say that it looks promising. It is really looks well designed. Below are some suggestion:

    -> First, you need to do On-page SEO for your website.
    -> You need to improve design as well, your subscribe button is not looking proper.
    -> You haven't added blog section to your website. You need to add it as it helps you to get niche traffic to your website and also helps you to get index in Google. We are adding one blog a day on our website. Check it out here : http://nimblechapps.com/blog
    -> After that start working on Off-page techniques. Some of them are listed below:

    1) Guest Blogging
    2) Article Submission
    3) PDF Submission
    4) Infographic Submission
    5) Blog Commenting
    6) Forum Posting
    7) Directory Listing
    8) Profile Creation
    9) Press Release

    Hope it will help you a bit.
    SEO Manage at Save Contact Form 7 & Nimblechapps, a fast-grawing Android Game Development & Website Design Company.
  • drdurham888drdurham888 subscriber Posts: 6 Member
    Hi Amrit,

    A very attractive looking website, which loads very quickly. It's clear what services your company offers.

    There is a link on your Home page for Web Design Services, which links back to your Home page.

    Areas for improvement
    You may want to say more about this from a business user's point of view. Perhaps link from your Home page to your internal Web Design page explanation.

    Home Page:
    I'd change EXPERIENCE WORKING GLOBALLY to GLOBAL EXPERIENCE it's more concise and keeps the 3 column line level

    Your comment: "We understand your requirement" is great but how? Maybe add a link here to your Web Design page, where your bullet point explanations are excellent.

    Responsive Design Page:
    It's great that you go to the trouble of explaining what this is and why it's important. However, I think your text could be much more concise and to the point.

    I assume you plan to add a blog in the future.

    I hope the above comments help.

    I do offer a blog writing service, but I'm based in the UK, so I'm not sure if that would work for you in India.
  • Startups4lifeStartups4life subscriber Posts: 9 Member
    It's good! But personally I would change the font to something cleaner and more contemporary
  • Ziyapathan0143Ziyapathan0143 subscriber Posts: 150 Silver Level Member
    A better UX can be a factor to improve your website and if you want to increase the follower then the content marketing should be good enough to increase traffic.
  • Janak PanchalJanak Panchal subscriber Posts: 2 Member
    It's great! Yet, by and by I would change the text style to something cleaner and more contemporary
  • DanielMillerDanielMiller subscriber Posts: 1
    I would recommend testing the site. Quality is the key. It helps find all defects in your product before customers do. If you have limited time and budget -check https://10g-force.com/ .And you'll be able to choose the type of testing you need, the hours to be spent, the number of people involved, and platforms you want your product to be tested on.
  • amritamrit subscriber Posts: 10 Bronze Level Member
    Thanks so much for all your suggestions and feedback. Some of the reviews are really elaborate by @darshan.nimblechapps & @drdurham888

    I will do my best to implement your ideas.
    Thanks everyone.
  • salenadamsalenadam subscriber Posts: 99 Silver Level Member
    Simple steps to improve your sites:
    1.Add a value proposition
    2.Website navigation
    3.Call to action text
    4.Social proofs

  • Tim NollanTim Nollan subscriber Posts: 12 Bronze Level Member
  • HeavenGHeavenG subscriber Posts: 27 Bronze Level Member

    I really like your website! But pagespeed you should work on it! There are a lot of useful free tools that can help you check your website speed, Google’s PageSpeed Insights (PSI), Think With Google, GTmetrix. So after you’ve checked your website speed, try to compress the code. This procedure can compress the size of your code by up to 95%. Also, keep your images small, but don’t forget to maintain quality. As a result, your page load will be faster.

    My recommendations:

    1.Dynamic pop-ups are quite efficient in boosting ecommerce conversions as well. Use them!

    2.Call to action buttons are crucial parts of any business website.

  • Shahadat HussainShahadat Hussain subscriber Posts: 21 Bronze Level Member

    Some UX factors that help you to improve your website:

    • Clean and Simple Design
    • Page Loading Time
    • Colors must be Eye-Catching
    • Use Attractive CTA
    • Images and Digital Content
    • Responsiveness
    • No Errors in the website
    • Well Designed Heading Tag
    • Easy to Use Navigation

    User Experience is a complex trade and it is not possible to encompass all the concepts in a single blog post. But if you want then you can optimize for your whole website. For more visit here

  • Jessie HookieJessie Hookie subscriber Posts: 351 Silver Level Member
    1. Add a Value Proposition.
    2. Website Navigation.
    3. Call to Action Text.
    4. Call to Action Colors.
    5. Try The 10-Foot Test.
    6. Carousels.
    7. Social Proof.
    8. Testimonial Pages.

  • Jack (ImakeThe.Net)Jack (ImakeThe.Net) subscriber Posts: 6 Member
    edited December 2019

    I would suggest that the very light blue colour (#00b9eb) does not contrast well with your menu links. I would suggest using a darker blue so that it contrasts more or making the font weight bolder so that it is easier to read. Otherwise I can't find any problems with your site. Good job.

  • AdemolaAdemola subscriber Posts: 3 Member

    I would suggest you use svg images for you logo and icons. They tend to scale way better. Right now your logo looks blurred on the mobile version. Also, looks like too many colors are used. You may want to streamline your colors for better UX.

  • ritesh.patilritesh.patil subscriber Posts: 1 Member

    Nice website and theme. You can work more on SEO.

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