Hi everyone im new to the site. Im thinking of getting into this tai lopez program. What are your th

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Do you think itll be worth it? Heres a link if you havent seen it: http://www.the67steps.com/c/tl67


  • Vince NiyoVince Niyo subscriber Posts: 1
    I definitely believe that it's worth it. I bought the same 67 steps from him about 7 months and I learned a lot from him. He boosts your confidence and helps you on anything that you've not done well. As a result, I was able to go back to learning my local lead generation that I had given up on and so far I've done so good. His course helped me revive my local business. http://www.247desmoinestowing.com/ and http://www.desmoineslimo.org/ are samples of what I've done with encouragement I got from his 67 steps.

    So yes, if you've something that you're already working on, the money you spend on the 67 steps will be worth it.

    Pay Less:
    You might want to open the link, and then when you get to the buying bottom, pretend like you don't want to buy by clicking on I don't want to buy or No, because by doing that, the next screen takes off I believe more than $30. And you can save by playing it that way.

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