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Hello everyone! We are a startup company that focuses on helping business owners and companies outsource their daily operations, like a VA, but we do all of the work of handling the operations. If you don't have the operations set-up yet, we help you in building that system for you.

We would like to ask anyone who is interested in connecting with us , consultants and the like, to send us a private message so we can discuss about ideas and/or concerns.

If you are interested in our services, please visit our site at

Looking forward to hear and connect with you.

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    Hello there! Welcome to the community.

    I have seen a few of your posts so far and I appreciate your insights. Please, tell me more about your business.

    I do ask that you be careful about posting what could be considered as spam. This forum is for advice, collaboration and ideas, and for entrepreneurs, small business owners, marketers, etc. to connect with their peers. Please be careful about self-promotion and promoting various links, unless it is relevant to the conversation. :)

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    Thank you for the welcome RyanOBleness.

    Sorry for the late reply, I wasn't able to go online, I had issues with my computer for the past days.

    Thank you for the warning, I'll be careful on my next posts :)

    We are an online outsourcing company, basically like a VA, but we work as a company and we are also a start-up :) (I do hope I don't sound like I am shamelessly promoting our business)

    Shift your focus on what really matters
    Nico Hipol | General Manager
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