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new website

NancysmithNancysmith subscriber Posts: 4
edited February 2007 in Website Critique
I need some honest feedback on my new website, please. Thanks guys, Nancy
Independant Travel Agent
1169 Avenida Bella Vista
Los Lunas NM 87031
[email protected]</A>


  • NancysmithNancysmith subscriber Posts: 4
    Everything on my computer looks normal.
  • NancysmithNancysmith subscriber Posts: 4
    everything on my computer is normal, so I can`t fix what I don`t see, any suggestions? I went to the  link you gave me for the other website and found it small, dull, and boring. So to each his own huh?
  • NancysmithNancysmith subscriber Posts: 4
    great call about the contact info! lol, I can`t beleive I forgot that! Thanks
  • vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40
    Hi Nancy,
    I viewed the site with IE7 and FireFox.
    The combination of the background image and font make it a little difficult to read the text. And the text on the left middle and right (on home page) should be a litle more distinct. Also, the background image files size is large (238KB) and so can be slow to load for those with a dial up connection.
    The Dugan`s Travel image is large too.
    Some viewers may not see your site as designed if they do not have that font (papyrus) loaded on their computer... as a result the default text may overlap be out of the position you desire.
    In general, white text on a dark background is also a problem if someone wants to print out your page.
    A couple of the home page images are not needed (the dolphin-top left and the eyes middle right).  The images used should add to and be related to the site`s content.  So you might have smaller images for each of your "specialties"/packages.
    If you still want to use that image as a background... reduce the colors, fade, and compress the jpg file.  OR use a smaller version of the image for part of the page.
    Use a more standard font - dark on light background is better.
    Create distinct text areas, perhaps with a different solid color background.
  • stonesledgestonesledge subscriber Posts: 608 Silver Level Member
    Hi Nancy,
    I can see you like the "mystical" look. You can pull this together in a more organized fashion. I would make it a little less cluttered and make the text more readable.On The feedback page, i would reword...the words complaint or problem. prospective clients who see these words may be turned off. Have Question, Suggestion and testimonial maybe. Or customer service, etc... Take off the negative wording it will scare folks off.Also on home page where you have live help, you have in a table with no backround but border, do you need the table? Either use it or trash it. Make it invisible.Or put backround in it to make online help stand out against main backround.You used front page?  You can definately get your overall style exspressed in a less cluttered manner. Overall i think you did a good job. You should be proud of your creation.
  • NancysmithNancysmith subscriber Posts: 4
    Hi, thanks for the feedback. One point to clear up is the "my computer screen is fine" issue. I am here for feedback and I have not argued about anything. Maybe you need  to go back and re-read the comment! I clearly stated that my screen was normal and then I asked for a suggestion on how to fix what I can`t see. Anyway I have gotten alot of great feedback here and will do it again when I finish my new site!
  • albxalbx subscriber Posts: 1
    Honestly, I would give it a 4 out of 10. However, it would be easily fixable. It just looks like it was done by a student. The content is there, it just needs to follow some higher design standards.
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