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Input on business name?

chickieshrimpchickieshrimp subscriber Posts: 3
edited October 2008 in Marketing

I`ve come up with the name "xsencia` to describe a business that will conduct outdoor recreation, ropes challenge courses, empowerment activities etc for urban youth and adults. Wanted to have something that invoked reaching new heights, overcoming challenges, discovering new horizons etc and had a youth-oriented feel. I like ths name but have had some feedback that it sounds a little too `sexy` (?). I don`t see it, to me it reminds me of "ascend" but with an `x` factor added. To build brand recognition I plan to market it as "xsencia outdoor adventures" or similar.  Input requested.
(the similar `ascencia`, `acencia`, `asendia`, etc are taken

chickieshrimp10/29/2008 2:06 PM


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    AuroraAndersonAuroraAnderson subscriber Posts: 1
    Chickieshrimp - "xsencia" does sound sexual to me.
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    chickieshrimpchickieshrimp subscriber Posts: 3
    Thanks, virtually everyone I approach with this name finds something in it that I don`t intend, so I`d better dump it and start over.  I`m really bummed and confused, because I don`t understand what is objectionable and I`m beginning to wonder if I`m out of touch and might come up with another name that seems Ok with me, but really isn`t what I want the name to stand for.  I`m usually really good at coming up with names for things, I do it all the time for fun, and now this has me tearing my hair out.   Well, really, I`m still thinking of fun names, but everything I check has already been registered/trademarked/taken. 
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    chickieshrimpchickieshrimp subscriber Posts: 3
    CraigL, thank you for explaining the concerns about this name to me, I can see how it can be interpreted in that way, but I honestly wouldn`t have seen it if you hadn`t pointed it out.  I`ve asked others to tell me what is wrong with the name, and all I can get from them is `it`s sexy` (which in my mind isn`t that bad - sexy and objectionable are not the same thing!)  All I could see in the name was `X-Games` and `Xtreme Sports`, XXX rated never entered my mind. 
    Ruddy, great discription of what the name could be used for.  Maybe some perfume company will want to buy it from me..... 
    Trumancoop, your post just shows that I really MUST be out of the loop - the moment I saw `www.vokle.com`, I pronounced it `vocal`.  
    As I`ve been told many times, I`m `special`....    LOL
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    patentandtrademarkpatentandtrademark subscriber Posts: 103
    trademark infringement can occur with names that sound alike.
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    RemipubRemipub subscriber Posts: 3
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    dominoesrulesdominoesrules subscriber Posts: 0
    I know the whole outdoor adventures and reaching new heights is the goal but I really dont see it with that word.
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