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Can this be made??

hiddenbelowhiddenbelow subscriber Posts: 2
edited March 2007 in Developing Your Invention
I have had this in my head for quite some time and never really thought of putting any work into it.  Was just curious if it was possible to manufacture a Washer/dryer combination for clothes.  Rather than having two machines just have one that does both.  I know you could do more laundry in your household if you have the two machines but personally would rather have a machine that I could load push warm/cold for washing and then med heat for drying and when I come back its done rather than having the pick the clothes up and moving them to the dryer.  I know this would be great to have in laundromats as it would get people in and out a lot quicker as you would have exactly double the capacity of washers and dryers in the same amount of space or you could simply have a smaller building that could hold the same workload.  But anyway I am just curious if this could be made.  I mean if I could I would say GE or IBM already has it in the works of being made and they are just sitting on it.  But I don`t even know how to go see if it is already patented.Thanks for reading if you have any mechanical/electrical knowledge of washers dryers simply tell me if you think it can work.  If you can get it to work and its not patented go for it.


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