any one willing to give me some tips?

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i posted a bulletin not too long ago and never got any feedback and was hopeing to try it again, i just started a new bussiness and was wondering where i should market my product... so far i have thought of real estate agents and small gym such as curves... any one else have any ideas?
thanks again!!


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    Greg - not knowing or ever hearing of EcoQuest International, I did a quick review of their website. I know of the technology in most of their products. These are not products that the everyday "Joe" will understand readily. Some may even call you a "snake oil" salesman. Even though the EcoQuest International website does not mention prices, I suspect these products do not fall in the Wally World price range. Ergo, I believe you will need to target a higher-end clientele.
    Maybe choose one of your best selling product(s) and try some targeted marketing in some periodicals (high-end real estate magazines, higher income life style magazines - etc. - think Sharper Image type ads) with an audience whose household income and education will eliminate some of the front-end barriers. Some folks will understand these products, the majority will not. You can`t spend your time explaining each product to everyone and expect to do well in your endeavor - IMHO.
    Maybe choose one product and do a half-page infomercial in your major newspaper. Consistency is key in this method. Newspapers are hurting with subscribers and their advertising rates are dropping - a good deal for you. Yes, they are loosing subscribers to online news, but the audience you are seeking are still newspaper readers. Worth a try and a test for a month or two.
    Maybe direct mail to this target market. Keep in mind you will not get great results unless you plan for the long haul with DM. Make it a campaign and track and measure the entire way.
    Don`t try too many things at once - you`ll get off focus. I don`t know what you paid for this "dealership" - I`m sure there was some hype involved - but you can make it work if you believe passionately in it and develop a marketing plan that you can afford and execute.
    Wish you the best!
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