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E-commerce, is it really profitable?

KjeldsenKjeldsen subscriber Posts: 2 Member
edited April 2016 in E-Commerce
Hi all,

I am new in this forum. I seek advice, as I am doing research to start my own business, like all of us here probably are:)

My big advantage is that I actually have money to start the business and to sustain myself along the way. I don’t need to work a day job while I am launching my business, and I don’t need to attract investors.

Since I am opening this business with my own money, I am looking for an opportunity with low risk, which with hard work and an initial investment could have a good chance of generating a decent return.

My eyes have fallen on ecommerce, as it looks like something you can start with a low investment and expand incrementally as revenue grows. But even though ecommerce is growing all over the world, margins seem to be razor thin and completion high. I do not know whether it would actually work.

Another big doubt I have about ecommerce is that there are so many dubious sites offering you services and promising that they have the formula to make you a millionaire. It makes you wonder if there really is anything in it for a small player, or just a lot of well, suckers like me trying to open an ecommerce, and a lot of vultures feasting on them.

So I have to questions for you wise people.

1. Is it really possible to make a decent return on an online store as a small player? Have any of you tried it?

2. The Internet is full of ‘start your own business with no money, and without quitting your day job’. What about ‘start your own business with money, dedicated only to this’. Any ideas of which industry could give a decent return with low risk?

I am educated in business and political science, I have lived in Brazil for the last four years helping foreign companies inter the Brazilian market. Brazil has market of 200 million people a large penetration of credit cards and a fast growing ecommerce industry. Should any of you be interested in bringing your business to Brazil please let me know.


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