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Important Factors for ecommerce

ankit007ankit007 Posts: 254subscriber Silver Level Member
edited April 2016 in E-Commerce
I am thinking to Start a e commerce Portal. There are various Factors like Payment,Design,Development of the Website. Also mobile Applications are also Important. Can anyone suggest which factors should I consider while starting e commerce business. :?:


  • davidsmith36davidsmith36 Posts: 263subscriber Silver Level Member
    As electronic commerce develops, its success critically depends on establishing, maintaining, and managing customer trust in e-commerce Web sites. The goal of this dissertation is to identify critical success factors that enhance customer trust in e-commerce Web sites and examine those factors in relation to the e-commerce success metrics using an Internet audience measurement tool. This study shows that a considerable number of functional factors, infrastructure factors, security factors, and organizational factors in Web design have significant positive impact on the success of e-commerce Web sites.
    In other words, it is worthwhile for organizations to use their resources by concentrating on critical success factor for customer trust in all four categories, functional, organizational, security, and infrastructure, not by expending a large amount of effort on minor design elements. The problem of trust was studied in the context of e-commerce Web site design. A four round Delphi study was conducted to address this problem. The Delphi study output was used to create a survey instrument, which employed a taxonomy of success factors that enhance customer trust in e-commerce Web sites.
    The data collected were correlated against Internet usage success metrics data provided by a well-known Internet Audience Rating Institution. Finally, a list of success factors for customer trust in e-commerce Web site was developed and tested for various hypotheses. The analysis and the solution proposed in this study could help information systems (IS) professionals to avoid many Web design failures and create successful Web sites efficiently using the identified factors that enhance customer trust in e-commerce.
  • Adam JonesAdam Jones Sr.no. 8, Balaji Palace building, Kharadi,Chandan Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411014Posts: 124subscriber Silver Level Member
    Here is five Important and Successful element's of E-commerce site.

    1. Include Detailed, Yet Concise Product Information

    2. Utilize an Adequate On-site Search Engine

    3. Give Users an Easy Checkout Process

    4. User-Friendly Navigation

    5. Shopping Cart Design and Features

  • charucharu Posts: 27subscriber Bronze Level Member
    I think the main factors should be considered for a successful e commerce are:
    1. pricing of product
    2. Quality of products
    3. Instant customer support
    4. High security transaction
    5. shipping cost
    6. last mile delivery
  • Peter JohnsonPeter Johnson Posts: 3subscriber Member
    Also, think about sourcing. You need to secure a set of reliable sources for your products, otherwise, you might find yourself having to get rid of low quality products or out of stock.
  • CarlbrewsterCarlbrewster Posts: 160subscriber Silver Level Member
    1. Website responsiveness.
    2. Mobile friendly.
    3. Secure cart page.
    4. Unique content for each product.
    5. A website should load faster.
    6. Website On-page SEO should be perfect.
    7. Images with alt tags.
  • seodevelop1seodevelop1 Posts: 24subscriber Bronze Level Member
    Here are the three most important success factors affecting ecommerce that I’ve found:

    Low customer acquisition cost
    High repurchase rate
    Healthy margins
  • AvrilAvril usaPosts: 6subscriber Member
    edited January 25
    To count some important ecomerce points:
    * Make them want to stay (and buy)
    * Make it easy for customers to look for products
    * Website that is attractive and fast to customers
    * Offer Excellent communication channels
  • JazvaSoftwareJazvaSoftware Posts: 2subscriber Member
    These are all good ideas that are, undoubtedly needs to be taken into consideration. But the main aspect of any ecommerce is supply chain management (or actually any business, ecommerce just happen to depend on it in a most obvious way).
    Large-scale enterprises try to push every 0.01% of efficiency, because every advantage (or drawback!) in the chain management amplifies at the end and makes a huge impact on the business overall. And in order to really succeed in the ecommerce today, you need pretty much to consider everything, from inventory and warehouse management up to order fulfillment.
    Getting to the online retail today, without an ecommerce platform, that lets you manage your store at every level of the supply chain is tough and most probably will not work, because the competition is just that high.
    So consider how you going to deal with:
    -Inventory orders, storing , tracking
    These are the starting point of any retail business
  • xinzuabxinzuab Posts: 6subscriber Member
    charu said:
    I think the main factors should be considered for a successful e commerce are:
    1. pricing of product
    2. Quality of products
    3. Instant customer support
    4. High security transaction
    5. shipping cost
    6. last mile delivery
    HJ Charu
    I agree
  • noida22noida22 Posts: 7subscriber Member
    From your stated, i would recommend design and development
  • paycronpaycron FloridaPosts: 13subscriber Bronze Level Member

    Starting an online clothing store: 10 things to consider

    1. Planning and Strategy
    1. Customers
    2. Differentiation
    3. Shipping
    4. Backend functionality
    Specials and Promotions

    Launching your Website
    6. eCommerce Platform
    7. Mobile design
    8. Product Photography

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  • prashantcouponsprashantcoupons singaporePosts: 2subscriber Member
    eCommerce sites should be easy and user-friendly and have so many good features so that users could be able to access their required product.
  • ProductHQProductHQ Posts: 12subscriber Bronze Level Member
    More broadly, I would also recommend going into a specific niche and that your product selection, quality and pricing for both the item and shipping. There is so much competition now that the deeper into a small niche you can get the more likely you can stand out.
  • LogicJoshLogicJosh Posts: 13subscriber Bronze Level Member
    Make sure you understand how to appeal to the audience that you are aiming for, if it's young people, find out what they find more interesting, like site structure, clothing, whatever is modern and up and coming, etc.
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