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hello , I`m building on my international social network to promote thebookingbox organisation NGO and would kindly request you to be involved.Our organisation is working in Ayacucho Peru , where we give youngwebdesigners the posibility to learn more webdesigner skills. Ayacuchois a poor city without work or possibilitys for these young people.We want to develop a webdesigner institute with the involvement ofeuropean and american sponsors , who are mayor players in theweb-business.We are making a detailed view op Peru , at the moment only in englishand spanish , but we`re translating now also to frensh and dutch andhopefully we can atract volunteers to translate our content to otherlanguages.wouldnt it be wonderfull to create a worldwide guide about the culture, the artist and musicians , nature and wildlife , reliefprojects andthe people of the world , this is my aim , lots of work to do , but ithink if we can find a group of people who think in the same line , wecan make it work.here in peru we started to place publicitypages for typical localhostals , restaurants , tours , ... so that we can pay for ourexpences. Its all verry interactive because we give travellers theopportunity to see pictures , read information , watch videos and sendfeedback about theire experiences.in fact a traveller will be able to visit the country from his home ,plan his trip online in a planningpage , book airlines , rooms andtours , calculate his budget and get a pretty good idea about what hemight expect when he arrives.in the project section we`re working on project hospitality , languagecourses , workingplaces for volunteers and all kinds of interaction.people in europe or usa can become ambassadors for the projects theychoose , organise fundraising activitys , they can be involved.in this time and age young people like to make a differance.if you could spread the word over there i think we can work out agreat giude for the usa , europa , asia and all the surroundingcountrys.think about it.greetings from Peru.bookingbox organisationPeter Auwerxwww.bookingbox.org
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