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Independent Film/Video Production Business

brad813brad813 subscriber Posts: 1
edited December 2006 in Business Planning
Does anyone know how to write a business plan for an independent film and video production business?  I know there will be special problems involved in this, but I am not sure how to work out the details.  I am well aware I should register as an LLC or Corporation because of the liability nature within the entertainment industry.


  • iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14
    0HDenise... harsh, but good advice.
  • brad813brad813 subscriber Posts: 1
    Well right now I have figured out its best if I keep a small staff(maybe an assistant director and a receptionist/reader) and worry only about the on location equipment i would need regularly.  I can do the planning for film projects as I start them.
  • brad813brad813 subscriber Posts: 1
    I am pursuing a very strong interest I have, though I do have some training in still photography.  I have thus far worked out some of the financials on equipment, as well as know I will be forming the business as an LLC or Corporation, as I know a sole proprietership or partnership would leave me too exposed in a very high liability business.  Also, I understand the permits I will have to aquire for on location shooting, which will be a must for the first movie I have planned which I will shoot a few years from now. I am currently writing the screenplay for it.  I hope this answers some of your questions.
  • brad813brad813 subscriber Posts: 1
    I know the software that is used in the industry so I at least have a start.  Thank you for your advice though.
  • brad813brad813 subscriber Posts: 1
    At the moment I am currently working on a screenplay which will be one of the first films I produce and direct as well as star in.   I also hope to purchase a video camera very soon.  Money is the main issue, even for a a consumer level camera.  I hope to resolve these problems soon.  I think once I have the money problems resolved things will start moving forward more rapidly.
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