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Hi all,
I have a question and maybe you can give me some advice: I want to start a company, first for me in this country; therefore I`m not quite comfortable with all the regulations and legislation. I envision that an important part of my clients will be state agencies. Do you know if there is a limitation regarding the type of the company that can do business with a state agency? I want to start a LLC, but I heard that some prefer a corporation. Are there some legal regulations I could read?
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    not to my recollection (i am a non practicing CPA).  the form of your business entity does not matter. however, the agency might perceive you different based on your form.  there is a ton of good, easy reading material on google on this topic. i will say that choose what fits your plans and later worry about how you will be perceived.  some might disagree but that has been my approach always
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