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need an advice

caliascalias subscriber Posts: 4
edited January 2009 in Business Planning
Hello everyone,
I hope somebody can help me with an advice. Here is my issue: I built a nice piece of software and I`m trying to promote it through my LIMS group on linkedin.com. Even if the software is general enough, it can be used as a complement for LIMS/LIS applications. I just cannot publicly add a message to the group because some of my colegues from the company I`m working for (that makes LIMS) are members also, and, you know, I really don`t want them to know. So I`m thinking to ask the group admin to help me promote it, but I don`t know if I should or how to ask her to do that.
Any idea or advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
Bogdancalias12/22/2008 12:04 AM


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    05513730551373 subscriber Posts: 0
    I understand the dilema, I am also a developer and sell my software by many other methods.
    Here are the Questions you need to ask. since you know the product LIMS, you are an insider to the product so ethically you are not to sell the product. if you are still working for the company and you developed anything in conjunction or for making the product more useful, the Intellectually property (knowldege) as well as your work, belong to the company.
    yes even if you did this during your off hours.
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    caliascalias subscriber Posts: 4
    No, my product is not a LIMS and has nothing to do with the LIMS business. I wouldn`t do that, not necessary because I have a clause in my contract, but because it wouldn`t be fair. But my product can be used (even if not exclusively) by the same target as LIMS  and actually can solve some problems a regular LIMS couldn`t, because are outside its scope. So I would like to get some of the clients from the LIMS regular pool.
    My problem still persist, I don`t know how to approach the cleints without my colleagues to know. By the way, is anybody interested in giving me a helping hend marketing/selling the product?
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    WebJunkyWebJunky subscriber Posts: 8 Member
    why dont you try social networks? the internet makes it possible to do business anonymously.  get a feel for the demand and conduct face to face as necessary.  you may be able to mail the product and handle the rest via phone/online video.  many options for you?
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