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Selling my eBay Business

fbalevfbalev subscriber Posts: 2
edited March 2016 in Business Planning
Hi everyone,

I`m looking to sell a business I`ve been running for a while and I need a bit of help. Maybe you can suggest a good place to advertise this ? Or maybe you know someone who will be interested?

Here is a brief description without going into too much detail:

I started this business while being a student to contribute financially to my studies and therefore the scale of it and commitment needed is still resembling what you might imagine a part-time/student business to look like. It is essentially an automotive repair tool I am selling on Ebay. I initially developed/designed this (the tool) for my personal use and then decided to try selling it. I was nicely surprised to see that worked well and now few years later I have thousands of happy customers and 100% positive feedback on Ebay.

Now a bit of numbers and details:

Sales are low volume – around 650 per year or an average of 55 per month. I have not tried to scale this – neither have I tried to sell it elsewhere apart from ebay.co.uk nor have I done any improvements, A/B testing etc. to the Ebay listings I currently run. They have remained unchanged for the past 3 years. Even the pics are from 2012.

Margin is excellent and profit per item sold after material costs, ebay&paypal fees and postage and packing works out to be around £5.50

Time needed to assemble the tool and prepare it to be shipped is around an hour per 20 pieces, so not more than couple of hours per month.

Technology is easy to learn – my girlfriend does them in my absence ;)

The tool fits in standard D1 large letter giffy bag and I drop these off in the red post boxes on the street with a standard stamp stuck on the envelope. So virtually no effort in relation to shipping the product either. Total time the whole business takes per month I would say is 2-3 hours to prepare and pack product and a few spare minutes every day to drop the sold ones in a post box on your way to/from work.

That said the average profit per month divided by the hours it takes to run, makes it quite an attractive side business.

The ebay account I use will also be part of the deal. This has 100% positive feedback and relatively high selling limits (3000 items / £30K per month). Listings are all set up and running.

Reason for sale is genuine – I`ll be leaving the country, so would be quite difficult for me to run this remotely.

Following advice from other fellow starupers I`ve valued this to be 18 months worth of profit, which is a bit over £5300. This is of course negotiable.

If you know anyone that might be interested, or if you have any ideas where to advertise, please share your thoughts !

Thank you all in advance!
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