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Making money online - are you doing it ?

auguralaugural subscriber Posts: 4
edited November 2016 in Marketing
Hi everyone and thanks for visiting my post !

My name is Matt Bader I am 35 years old, and hungry as ever to make some serious cash in 2016 ! I'm looking to connect with as many people as I can here and expand my International Business Pipeline.

Since last year I decided that living the usual mundane 9-5 job just wasn't fulfilling as it once was. I'm kinda "over" commuting every day to and from work, to see the same people I saw yesterday, doing much the same task as the day before..

I kinda felt "un-employable" haha.. hopefully you get my drift. Although I would never give up on a good thing.. I do have a 6 figure job - it's just the point that I have no control over what I would like to do within the business, and no matter how well I complete a task, I still get paid the same rate.

I hope that I've struck a chord with some of you guys and girls by now.. I'm certain that there are a few people nodding their heads to this.

Anyways, so I jumped onto GOOGLE as we all do, and started looking for ways to make a good income online, through some sort of home based business. Basically I was looking for any avenue where I can set up something automated, which generated profits whilst I slept. I knew that if I could get this sorted, I would be able to work from anywhere in the world - providing I had a laptop and an internet connection.

Sounds too good to be true I thought.. but then I found a mentor program.
Inside was a whole community of people doing just what I was trying to do.. and making a VERY good income at the same time, mind you. I was very impressed, I jumped on board to learn some of the "black art" of online marketing.

Anyways, I've put together a little landing page - I'd really like it if you guys visited it and let me know what you're thoughts are. I'm always open to any discussion.

http://thesfm.com/mjbader?pg=laptop-lif ... rtupnation

Looking forward to any feedback - both positive and negative

Thanks for visiting my post again,



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