Am I doing it right?

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I am 27 years old. I have a lot of interesting hobbies in life that I want to make it grow big by entering the entrepreneur world.

Note that I am still not an entrepreneur but I want to be one.

I can do a lot of things like a Pro for the list below:

Digital Arts Request
Traditional Arts Request(Portrait Request)
Photo Edit/Manipulation Request
Logo design Request
Video Edits Request

That I created a website of mine but it kills money therefore I stop. I kept spending money for Ads because I want this E-commerce business to grow.

SO I have my Logo and has a lot on my mind but I am quite not sure if it's right thing to do because No one on my friends are great and well know Entrepreneurs. It's only my boss on the office. However, I have learn some for my boss and our Company.

This past few days. I give it all but I still have no people to try my ability and quality mentioned above.

kindly leave me a message and talk. It will be a great pleasure. thank you! or just leave post here.


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    Are you charging too much? A few days are too short a period to conclude the effective of your marketing campaign, you need to wait longer for result.

    Generally, any marketing campaign will cost you either money or time (getting help or do it yourself-DIY).

    If you have already spent a lot of money in advertising but still ended up with no order, then perhaps you can try something else, such as offering free services (minor works) for a specific period. It costs you time but not money. A fraction of the customers may come back to you if they are happy with the quality of works. Since they have no risk to try your service, they may help to spread the words too.

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