Am I doing it right?

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I am 27 years old. I have a lot of interesting hobbies in life that I want to make it grow big by entering the entrepreneur world.

Note that I am still not an entrepreneur but I want to be one.

I can do a lot of things like a Pro for the list below:

Digital Arts Request
Traditional Arts Request(Portrait Request)
Photo Edit/Manipulation Request
Logo design Request
Video Edits Request

That I created a website of mine but it kills money therefore I stop. I kept spending money for Ads because I want this E-commerce business to grow.

SO I have my Logo and has a lot on my mind but I am quite not sure if it's right thing to do because No one on my friends are great and well know Entrepreneurs. It's only my boss on the office. However, I have learn some for my boss and our Company.

This past few days. I give it all but I still have no people to try my ability and quality mentioned above.

kindly leave me a message and talk. It will be a great pleasure. thank you! or just leave post here.


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