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Sole Prop to LLC- getting funding separate from SSN

Majack3Majack3 subscriber Posts: 1
edited January 2016 in Startup Funding
Hello all- I am a real estate agent and have been in business for a couple of years but as a sole prop. I just registered my LLC and had some questions as I try to build my business credit separate from my own. So far I have gotten my EIN number, registered with D & B, set up a corporate 1800 number that matches my business name routes to my cell phone (registered that with 411), set up a business e mail that has my domain and set up my business checking account. But I feel like there is so much to do and I am swimming trying to do it correctly so I don't have to connect my social and personally guarantee the financing
I opened my business entity with my personal address when I registered with the state- I read that all addresses need to be professional and report the same information- I am assuming I now need to change this and have them all match?
Do I need to personally register with additional credit reporting agencies like I did with DUNs?
I have been in business for 3 years- can I backtrack my credit experience with vendors?
I work with a lot of local business owners for my business- such as accountants, business coaches, social media etc. How can I get them to show on my credit report as vendor accounts to build my Net30?
Do I really need a website? I work under a large firm and there are regulations against marketing myself on my own website without listing the brokerage on the website. I was reading that lenders will often turn you down 50 percent of the time if you don't have a website that is connected to your business- I am listed on the corporate website for my firm but the firm name is obviously not my business name..
Can I list my name as a DBA? Maybe that would be a way to connect all of the dots between what I have done thus far and this business? Because when you look my name up you will find me working at a different company than the industry I am reporting..
Are there any other tips and tricks you know of to start this process? From my understanding I need 5 Net30 accounts, then once I have those I can go into department stores and try to get credit accounts, then about 6 months afterwards I can start going to American Express etc.
Is there any way to make this transition easier?
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