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Marketing on a budget - any suggestions?

YourSourceProYourSourcePro subscriber Posts: 4
edited May 2006 in Marketing
My partner and I have just started a new business "YourSourcePro."  We`ve got a website, but it needs a bit of work, especially in the database/backend ordering arenas.  We`re trying to get the word out about who we are and what we do, and would really appreciate any tips that anyone may have for effective marketing practices that don`t require huge outlays of cash.
We are a one-stop purchasing assistant.  We help organizations find the products and services they purchase everyday at significant savings.  It`s not an entirely new concept, granted, but between us we have nearly 30 years of purchasing and contract negotiations experience that we can use to the benefit of our clients, creating significant savings.  Now we just need more clients.


  • YourSourceProYourSourcePro subscriber Posts: 4
    Blogads sounds like it might be a good lead, I`ll definitely check it out.  We`ve registered with a number of governmental agencies as vendors and we keep an eye on all types of public RFQ`s.  We`ve done broadcast faxing and good old-fashioned cold-calling.  We`re thinking about a direct mail campaign with a postcard addressed to purchasing contacts, it`s just a question now of finding a decent list at an affordable price.  Web-driven business would be our preference.
    Thanks so much for your response!
  • SEOGuruSEOGuru subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi Bob,Marketing online using organic (non-paid) search engine marketing techinques may be your best option.  Paid placement and banner ads are easier to get ROI on sometimes but over a long period of time they become very expensive.Organic or non-paid placement gets a website in front of people without you having to pay each time someone clicks on your ad.Now you mention not spending too much cash - I think that you can try to do small things with SEO and spend less money to start out and build on it. However, most times creating a website is the lesser of the expense, making it work for you to generate revenue takes time, effort and money.  And link building, very important to initiate that asap.I`d love to help you with your website and offer you a complimentary marketing consultation - no obligation for you to purchase anything from me. Feel free to reach out directly.Take care and best wishes.
  • IMGIMG subscriber Posts: 0
    You may also want to try VerizonSuperpages.com. I use this service. It`s very similar to the online Yellow Pages. Free Service and I get several inquiries a week from this service.
    Good Luck
  • YourSourceProYourSourcePro subscriber Posts: 4
    Great idea, I`ll check it out right away!
  • YourSourceProYourSourcePro subscriber Posts: 4
    I appreciate the information and the insight.  I gather from the gist of your message that you are in the PR/Marketing biz?  I would enjoy the opportunity to speak with you further about your business and mine and see if perhaps there aren`t ways in which you (if that is your business) could help us with our branding and marketing efforts.  Please feel free to contact me directly.
    Thank you,
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