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Beta done... now what?

medicmedic subscriber Posts: 1
edited July 2012 in Grab Bag
I am an amateur programmer and designer. I've been able to design my entire site, backend UI and code the entire system myself to the point of it being in what I suppose could be called "beta."
At this point I need someone to come in and help me complete the code (programming). I have read there are some people who help startups by doing certain portions for a % of the company when it starts making money.
Where could I find someone like this? I feel like everything is stalled because I need someone to come in and help me finish the system so it can be marketed.


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    GeniusStartupGeniusStartup subscriber Posts: 0
    Before anything else, it has to said you deserve a great deal of kudos for getting yourself this far. Most people just think about ideas but never act on them.
    Why not go to the type of community you'll go to when you come to marketing your startup? If you look hard enough, there's almost certainly someone there who is also a programmer. Because they share your interest in the area your startup serves they're more likely to get involved.
    Because good programmers are forever being asked to code for a percentage without upfront payment, you might want to consider offering some kind of initial payment as persuasion / bribery.
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