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Funding needed for various projects

lisa777lisa777 Posts: 1subscriber
edited November 2016 in Growth Funding
I'm looking for (REAL) Investors that can fund the following types of projects.

- Oil & Gas

- Communications

- IT

- Consumer Products

- Cultural Industry Related (Shows and Plays)

- Distributions

- Early Stage Equity Funding

- Electronic Components-Instrumentations

- Energy (Various Types)

- Hotels Motels, Resorts

- Manufacturing (Various type)

- Medical / Health

- Movie Picture Financing

- Publishing (Various type)

- Real Estate Projects (Various)

- Research and Development Equity Funding

- Retail (Various type)

- Mines, Mining (various types)

- Technology (Various types)

- Waste Management

- Others Industrial and Manufacturing Plant, Existing or Start Up.


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