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Website Critique Requested

BlizBliz subscriber Posts: 1
edited April 2008 in Website Critique
Hello fellow SUN members!

I am looking for some advice on our site as to the visual appeal, content,
and if it is easily navigated... would you be inclined or not to purchase? ... I
am trying to find out what the first impression is when you arrive at our
hompage, and would appreciate feedback for tweaking things and making
our site more user friendly. Thanks so much in advance for your comments


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    BlizBliz subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks so much Craig for your reply. I see your points, and I appreciate
    them. I have been trying to get feedback on our site, and need to hear what
    the general thoughts are so that we can tweak it to attract fishermen. I will
    take your thoughts into consideration in going forward, and appreciate your
    thoughts as well as any others out there who may be able to chime in on this
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