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We`re new here today and would love your critique of our site!

HealthylifeHealthylife subscriber Posts: 1
edited September 2008 in Website Critique
We`ve been on the web for a few months.  We`re selling our products and wading through glitches along the way making as perfect a site as we can build.  We chose the pink dots background because most women love them PLUS the color goes along with the National Cancer Institute`s pink ribbon campaign, etc.
Blinkies is a NEW product designed by my biz partner and I out of a need expressed by her customers over a long period of time.  After much R & D, we finally came up with the manufacturing process.  Blinkies are very well accepted by persons with and without natural eyelashes.  And the eyebrows are as well.  Both are patented or applied for.
I feel like the site is OK but could probably be super good if designed by an expert.  Right now, our expenses are such that we simply can`t afford it. 
We`re on Yahoo, Google, and other search engines, but would like more exposure over the web. 
Can you give us some advice to help the look of the site and how to better expose it to the public?
We found StartupNation from watching Donny Duetch`s show the Big Idea on MSNBC.
Thanks for any help you care to provide.


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    HealthylifeHealthylife subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks!  But what is a wordpress solution???
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    HealthylifeHealthylife subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks for the clarification.  I`m curious why the "old school style" keeps coming up?  Flash, etc. isn`t what we want on our site but we do agree it could be updated in a better way.
    We get lots  of compliments on our web site.  Of course we know you can`t please everyone and we aren`t trying to. 
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    HealthylifeHealthylife subscriber Posts: 1
    Gosh Craig, you are a WEALTH of information. Thank you so much!  Your suggestions are so welcome!  We will get busy today and see what we can do to optimize our site using your ideas.  On my screen I don`t see the pictures as you describe so I`ll find more that appear better. And yes, the dots are white~!~!
    We`ve been told Blinkies is a Godsend from so many customers that are without lashes and even those that have natural lashes.  No they are not waterproof.  And we recommend taking them off at night as your eyelids produce oils over time and that would lift them.  To my knowledge, none of the false eyelashes available anywhere are waterproof.
    Again thanks so much for taking the time to give us a detailed critique!
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