Real estate classified website - how to make it work?

NikiGetsadzeNikiGetsadze subscriber Posts: 1
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I'm building an online business and need some advice suggestions. On the market Im entering there is about 3-4 large websites where everybody can advertise their property to sell or rent, not only landlords but property management agencies too.
This websites make money out of 2 things. 1.Loads of banners on the website 2.You pay a fee when place an add in VIP or other sections.
Its not good because 1.It has bad design 2.It is busy 3.It is slow 4.not mobile friendly
So... i thought to make a new website on the market which will be 1.Cool design 2.Simple 3.Light 4.Mobile friendly
however i don't want to have a same business model as these website have, although I don't want to become property management agency.
Is there any kind of a golden point between those two? or maybe you know some other, new trends or model in these property business websites?
Please suggest.
Thank you
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