Does your startup need a place to bootstrap?

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I have space available in Thailand (cheap/free).
I can offer live/work space with 2 fiber optic lines (redundancy, from 2 separate ISP companies) for a low price, or maybe some equity in your startup, or some coding on the side for my "soon to be startup". It can be temporary, or long term. It is a brand new "shophouse" (House is above a shop, but I have not setup a shop in it yet). I'm in the shophouse next door, with a Thai restaurant below, run by my wife.
I'm not offering this place for me to make an income, I just want to help some like minded people get started.
I've been here, with my Thai wife, for over 5 years now (when I'm not traveling), so I can help with logistics and answer questions about living in Asia (I'm Canadian). I've also lived in Malaysia and visit Singapore often. Singapore and Hong Kong are good places to register your company.
Please message me for more info.


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