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Is this the solution for to get the cheapest trip?

nelsongcgnelsongcg subscriber Posts: 1
edited November 2015 in Business Planning
Hi guys, I am building a startup that focuses on providing the cheapest trip by finding the best combination of routes you can take to make that trip. For example, if you want to go to London, Berlin and Rome, which itinerary would be the cheapest? Starting at London going to Rome and then to Berlin or the other way around? Would that change if you took the trip at a different time of the year? What about adding accommodation to the equation, would that change the results?

Even in this simple example, there are many possible ways to visit the very same places and for the multicity budget traveler the best option would frequently be the one that costs less regardless of other details.

The route search we are currently building will find the best itinerary for you considering all those factors, but our MVP will include only flights for Europe.
What do you guys think about this idea? Do you think it solves a real problem? What do you consider to be the early adopter of this solution?

Would like to hear your thoughts on this matter.
Thank you all!
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