How my buddy got guaranteed sales for his e-course

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Hi all,

We all know how hard it is to get qualified leads, right? But conversion is even harder. Even if you offer freebies or discounts, you might not get a desired outcome.

That's why I wanted to share a little story of my buddy, who sells weight loss course (tough competition, ouch) and how he got guaranteed 5% sales with one single click.

He used an online lead gen service called Promobrite(dotcom) that delivers already converted leads, or they refund your order. Weird, but true. If they don't bring a minimum of 5% of sales or 10% of free leads, you get your money back.

That offer was great, so I tried it. I ordered it as well for my ebook, and within a month, they brought me around 4,5% of sales from their visitors. Because it wasn't a 5% conversion, they still refunded my money. Cool, eh?

How about you, how do you get sales and leads online?
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