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Online Microsoft products training - legal?

automationcoachautomationcoach subscriber Posts: 2
edited December 2016 in Selecting a Business
I am planning to startup a website for users to learn Microsoft technology such as Excel and Powershell scripting. These will be paid courses. Do I need any consent from Microsoft for this? Is this legal?


  • JohnWilliamsJohnWilliams subscriber Posts: 0
    From my experiences and knowledge regarding your question, I can simply say that you are not in mandatory need to have informed Microsoft about teaching their products to be used perfectly, but I would say that you must have required certificates and approval from the respective government body to run an online course of this kind. Also I'm really happy to contribute any help from my side as I'm working for a cheap essay writing service online. Our work areas are truly connected and have relevance of moving along with educational or learning lines. Please feel free to ask me for any help with regard to any writing related issues being part of your work.

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  • keepitleankeepitlean subscriber Posts: 1
    No you don't need permission to make a course about Excel... there are countless courses on youtube, udemy, udacity, etc etc etc. Here is an example of a free Excel course onloine that's totally fine with MS http://courses.corporatefinanceinstitut ... or-finance
    Is that what you mean?
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