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ive been through this time and time again thinking of ideas

icollecticollect subscriber Posts: 12
edited January 2008 in Selecting a Business
I have narrowed it down to what I believe I can do.
1. Set up an online collectible toy marketplace for toys such as Diecast, Action Figures, Comic Books and Model Trains, "Actually I have already launched this and working on it"
2. Set up a brick and mortar store offering shipping services and computer repair services, online consignment and sell collectible toys, "not sure if this is smart to be all over the place" Really the only thing stopping me from this is where to go for affordable health insurance for my existing health conditions.
I am trying to think outside the box with ideas that may actually work vs selling dvd like items on ebay with barley any profit. Suggestions would be great. Thanks


  • icollecticollect subscriber Posts: 12
    ok. Thats what i was thinking.
    I was also thinking about buying and selling collectible toys at toy shows, online and in the community such as swap meets. As you can see collectible toys is my passion!
  • mysamcatmysamcat subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi, I`m new to this website, but I wanted to share with you what happened to me when I did what you are considering, regarding option #2. I also am involved with collectible toys, but have many interests along with it. 10 years ago I opened a brick and mortar shop to sell my toys along with selling online, but I also decided to sell radio control cars and hnadmade items, I had so many different things going on in my shop it was confusing sometimes to customers. I decided eventually to just go with the radio control stuff and my sales went much better when I concentrated on just one area. I still sell my toys online though, can`t seem to break my toy habit. Whatever you decide, good luck to you!
  • icollecticollect subscriber Posts: 12
    something I overlooked! thanks for the idea of RC!
  • mrl7111mrl7111 subscriber Posts: 0
    How about start your own referral business. Refer customer, help them set up their accounts, help them shop for healthier and safer products (no toxins) and you get paid for the refer and as you follow up with your customers. And if your help someone else grow their own business, you will receive extra bonuses. Contact me for more information. You can start this week.
  • hentreehentree subscriber Posts: 1
    Hello, I am a new member and need some help.  I want to start a business and have a general idea of what that business might be, but am just not 100 percent sure of where to begin (finically,marketing, if it would work, etc) or if it is the right business for me and my family.
  • russell198russell198 subscriber Posts: 0

    I can you with idea number one, which would cost a lot less money that idea number 2.  First, you seem to have a strong passion for collectables, but what type of collectables are you most passionate about?


    Second, how to you get people to visit your website.  Hint, what do people use the internet for?  Answer, information.  Just Google the collectible you are most interested in, there is an excellent change that the information in not good. 


    So do what most internet business are NOT doing, give the customers the quality information they demand. 


    Three, build trust with your readers.  Once you have this done then making money is the easy part. 


    If you are interested in learning how to do this, then please visit my information only website at www.tophomebusinessinformation.com and fill out the contact form with you questions.





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