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Hello from Los Angeles!

raindropraindrop subscriber Posts: 1
edited October 2015 in New Member Welcome
Hi! I'm from Los Angeles, California, USA.

As an undergraduate physical sciences major, I can see that I don't have many of the skills needed to build a successful business. Also, I don't have any engineering skills that I could use to build and deploy things such as websites. I also don't have much money, and am unable to change my major.

My current plan is to improve myself as a person by developing personal skills such as communication skills and physical fitness, and then spend about 5-10 years in software engineering and become highly skilled at it, and save money from great jobs, and then go into entrepreneurship with my built-up networks, money, skills, and get additional entrepreneurship skills along the way.

I look forward to discussing on this forum, because I see that these discussions help me (and others!) a lot to progress faster.
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