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US Patented Idea being manufactured in China

blanktorpblanktorp subscriber Posts: 1
edited January 2009 in Protecting Your Ideas
Hi - I`ve got a question related to patents in the US and international production.
This is a bit hypothetical, but I`d like to know if someone has the necessary insight so I can judge if I should try patenting an idea.
So let`s say I have a patent for an product invention. I came up with the design/function, etc and succesfully filed for a patent here in the US - and let`s say I received it so that I am the owner of the patent and the inventor.
Now let`s say that I suddenly notice, several months later, that imitations of the product, which look just like mine and have the same exact function, etc. are appearing for sale online.
I do my research, and find that already 4 different factories in China are producing this product that I have patented in the US - and they are selling it to buyers here in the US who are then selling it on sites like eBay.
Now I assume that of course I can`t stop the production in China....
So what does the US patent do for me in this case?
Can I somehow stop the resale of these imitations through these other US sellers (such as the ones on eBay)?
Can I somehow stop the shipment of the imitations into the US from these Chinese factories?
Does the patent give me any rights or "exclusivity" here in the US?
If none of these...when what`s the benefit of the patent? (Is it only so that the product cannot be manufactured in the US?)
Thanks a ton for any help!


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