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How to pitch my software invention to the company its based on?

MathesoMatheso subscriber Posts: 1
I am a real estate appraiser who has created a very powerful, intuitive "tool" that saves me about 1 hour per report, and considerable headache.

I feel quite strongly that other real estate professionals would benefit from its use and I'm devoted to monetizing it.

However, it depends on another company's software/website in order to run properly. It's completely legal, but I would need their permission in order to license mmy software to other professionals.

My question(s): What is the best way to approach this company and pitch them my idea in order for them to see the benefit for both of us? I would agree to profit splitting in their favour, but have no idea how to even begin contacting them.

Can you suggest tips, or perhaps articles addressing this specific issue?

Thank you so much,



  • PRGuyDCPRGuyDC subscriber Posts: 20
    If you are referring to MRIS (guess) then I know they have a licensing model..... I recall I looked into it 10 years ago.
    They may already offer what you are looking for. Check anonymously if it makes you feel better.
    A startup Tech Guy who is getting is starting PR on the side with mentality, you pay only if covered.
  • GiGeramoGiGeramo subscriber Posts: 10 Member
    Yeah usually there is a license for that, if not you can still ask, but remember that their software isnt determined to be advanced then so they might say no
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