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  Hi, my name is Dexter new product developer of an anti-breeding system for domestic as well as exotic pets.This product has nothing but high praise from pet industry experts(letters on request).W/quotes that say never seen any thing like this before. This is a product for the right time. It serves a special purpose for our pet owners that want to control unwanted and accidental breedings. This patent pending product is ready for production and promotion.It`s unique, new, and different. I think It will do well in any market as far as sales, and the lack of competition. It has a sanitary napkin as an extra incentive for the busy pet owners on the go. It`s a  durable and proven system that has it`s own niche market. A purposed product w/high mark up potential that`s waiting for the right partnership to move it to the next level. contact @ me 318 655 4368(cell)
318 636 7706(off)
                                                                                       [email protected]</A>
                                                                                                      THANKS A MILLION,
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    Since this forum is for the purpose of receiving feedback on the elevator pitch - let me provide some feedback

    I strongly suggest you do not type in all caps.
    I suggest you use a spell check
    While I understand some of the reaosn - I personally would not use the term "serious investor".
    Finally, while I do understand the reluctance to divulge secrets, I think it`s important to include something. How about a description of the problem you are going to solve.
    I wish you all the best,
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