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Efficient Ways to Capitalize a Start Up

KnightNguyenKnightNguyen subscriber Posts: 6
edited September 2015 in Startup Funding
In today's economic climate we are filled with challenges launching businesses. 50 years ago it was possible to walk into a bank and obtain a loan on a handshake through your personal banker. The Savings & Loans crisis changed the landscape in the 1980's and resulted in the expansion of what we know to be the FICO system (Credit Scores). For much of the 1990's if you had a great credit score, solid tax returns, and were able to personally guarantee a loan it was possible to obtain it through your bank. In the wake of the dot com crash the market was challenged with technology based products and the rush turned to real estate. Again the credit system was over used to the point where lenders collapsed in 2008.

Where does that leave today's honest business man who has a great idea but limited capitalization?

In today's climate we must be forced to think outside of the box and undertake funding with realistic expectations.

There are no 48 hour funding options, unsecured routes, or no financial structures that allow funding from institutions at any sustainable rate. This leaves the private equity market open.

In a sense of increasing legislation, tighter regulatory scrutiny, and the fact that the largest wealth transfer from private to institution occurred in 2008 we must remember the equity pool is much, much, much smaller!

Few people have discretionary capital to make investments, and most people are dealing with a struggling economy. Where is all the money?

The money is in retirement accounts. People who have been working and having their pay checks deducted without paying attention to it.

SO how does a start up investor gain access to it? It starts by working with a financial advisor, broker dealer, or investment bank to do a little known thing called "Direct Public Offering". A Direct Public Offering allows you to offer investments to normal everyday people. In conjunction it can be structured to have IRA accounts invest.

The largest concentration of wealth is in retirement accounts and they represent an overwhelming majority of people's net worth. In some instances it is estimated that aside from personal real estate it may make up almost 90% of all other discretionary assets of people's net worth.

The key to capitalize a small company in today's climate is to "Follow the Money". Those that continue to avail the normal outlets (private investors, accredited investors, banks, et cetera) will find that their businesses will live and die with the market. Until credit changes its shift and banks / institutions re-transfer all of the wealth from 2008 financial collapse businesses will continue to struggle for capital.

Take advantage of new ways to capitalize your business and research to find a better option. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over to expect a different result. Don't go insane funding your business.

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