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Equity Deal for Stake in Emerging Business

ProtoXProtoX subscriber Posts: 1
edited September 2015 in Growth Funding
Hello everyone, I just joined SN and figured that I would test the waters, fishing for an investor that may be looking for a worthwhile venture. There is irony in that statement, as we're seeking capital to internalize many aspects of our manufacturing processes and support the production of our patented lines of fishing tackle.

Of course, this is no ordinary fishing lure either. Our flagship lure is able to achieve different depths in less than a second, has a variance in depth of over six feet, and it will revolutionize the tackle industry. The engineering talent who aided us through the R & D worked within the military industrial complex as an aerospace engineer, and found this lure to be one of the most difficult and prolific achievements of his career. Hydrodynamics is a very niche area of research and we certainly defined our processes over the last two years. Anyway, as for the capital contribution. We aim to internalize many aspects of our manufacturing processes to include the tooling and plastic injection of our product lines. We have the means to bridge the gap between 3D printing and higher volumes of plastic injection production, and will be patenting these processes as well. There is an incredible amount of upside to our business and I fully intend to keep 100% manufacturing of entire line of products within the U.S. and realize more profitability by doing so.

That's enough of an overview, if you're interested in discussing the details further please reach out. All replies are appreciated, minus those high interest loan sharks looking for 3 months of our banking statements.


  • KnightNguyenKnightNguyen subscriber Posts: 6
    Hello ProtoX. There are several options that may be available for you. As a licensed financial advisor we are more or less familiar with the market. The key is understanding the lending climate, understanding the condition of how our financing is functioning, and then understanding the different ways to raise capital. Cash flow businesses are one of the few venues where capital is still available from licensed lending institutions. Daily ACH, and true installment loans may be available. If you are pursuing equity you have to realize things such as patents, proper valuations, and structuring yourself for a public market (not just accredited investors) where you can accept retirement funds is probably the only effective way to get something off the ground. We specialize in all of the above and are happy to have a conversation. The key is to have realistic expectations and realize that there are no over night strategies where investors suddenly realize there is a one way infusion. We have staff that has worked with top auditing firms and the higher success rates go through not finding the single investor who buys into the dream, but rather the methodical person who files properly and can solicit general public.
  • ProtoXProtoX subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks for the reply Knight, and I agree with many of your points. Our primary short term goal is to internalize our manufacturing rather than spend the capital on outsourcing the tooling and plastic injection, as the costs associated with having this tool built would provide us with the machinery to accomplish this ourselves. Positioning our business for a traditional public offering is an area our company may look to entertain further down the road, but to accomplish what is needed in the near term, and grow our valuation by means of revenue generation, our capital needs are minimal and a single investment from a private party would be preferred. I am open to discussing any viable options you may have in mind, as these options may guide our decision-making over the next few months. Thank you for the thoughtful response.
  • KnightNguyenKnightNguyen subscriber Posts: 6
    Dear ProtoX. We would be happy to have a complementary consultation with you at no charge. The key is having a real plan where you can obtain real results. Not having too many moving parts where you cannot count on something. We are happy to take a look at your company as a whole and then offer you some options based on the whole picture. Having some options is better than still searching for them. The road to a Direct Public Offering (DPO) is not as expensive as you might think (it is a far cry from an IPO) and could help you gain the momentum you need without having to worry about the valuations and process improvements. There are pros and cons to everything. You can email the firm and someone will respond at [email protected]. We are a measure of how much more you can get not how much it will cost.
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