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    My Mom has a beastly french dressing recipe I considered although how do you package and bottle it along with hopefully having it being a success at the local grocer?
  • adamcadamc subscriber Posts: 11
    You know sorry for the double post but as a gamer I find it annoying not having a good solid drink some like Amp/Dew others like Jolt or Monster I personally don`t mind those but I think a beverage or even a food line geared towards gamers would succeed
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    come on, man! listen to yourself. you`ve got INCREDIBLE ideas and opportunities. love the french dressing. love the drink for gamers.
    i bet you could get a packaging expert to offer assistance in exchange for a piece of the action. put your sales hat on and go assemble a group of people who have the skills you don`t have to put together a legit opportunity. do it virtually. start right here in these forums. ask for a packaging expert who`d be willing to join up! check their activity level here in the forums to size up their willingness to help and do good...
    GAME ON!
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    There is so many howst though......how do you create a drink? doesent it have to get approved by the FDA? ect ect
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    leave that to an expert. you need to work with a beverage chemist to come up with what you think is a great drink that gamers would enjoy, work with a packaging person that can create something compelling to gamers, and then work with someone who has experience creating unique drinks who you can trust to make you a test run for you to test the market with...
    can someone else jump in here? does anyone know anyone???
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    Ya if anyone knows any beverage chemists that would be amazing.
  • RichRich Las Vegas, NVadministrator Posts: 582 Site Admin
    i just went to the StartupNation search box, selected the search for members and searched for "drink". i figure if people have "drink" in their nickname, they may know a thing or two. you can then send them messages inquiring if they`re potentially helpful or could refer you to someone. what do you think?
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    Thats a great thing to I talked to some of the guys I play online games with alot we talked about a lot of things that would make the drink successful.
    I am however going to talk to my mom about that French Dressing Recipe.
    I sadly dont think I could see me doing anything in the food industryadamc7/30/2008 9:59 PM
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    Craig and Rich I thank you for your response and inspiration. I have figured out what it is I am going to do given my budget and what I like.
    I am going to do an E-commerce or an Ebay business, I know I can build the site give excellent customer support. The beauty of doing an Ebay/Web Business is that I am able to sell things that I like and or love.
    My problem finding a niche and something with a profit margin that I know something about. So what I am going to do is read tonight just like last night a few things on Start Up Nation and get started.
    I`ll be of course be posting!
    Thanks guys
  • RichRich Las Vegas, NVadministrator Posts: 582 Site Admin
    your words of encouragement for adam are really great.
    how long have you been pursuing this and how profitable has it been for you so far? do you have information about what percentage of people who are in the melaleuca scheme actually make a profit?
    i am extremely cautious about anything that sounds too good to be true...
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    You all Rocked this conversation.. love this stuff. Go Rich.. Loved the energy of everyone.
  • adamcadamc subscriber Posts: 11
    Paula thank you
    are you from Wisco to?
    I am just trying to figure it out, to me it seems like I am just a flip flopper of ideas and thats never a good thing.
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    I`m with Craig.  I`m just getting ready to start a venture and for the last 20 years (literally!) I`ve "brainstormed" hundreds of ideas.  I just never had the courage to do something about it.  Even now as I thought I knew what I wanted to do an old friend of my wife`s has propositioned us with a partnership.  So yet again, I`m running the numbers and analysis on something new.  We are definitely going to do "something" but we are waiting on the sale of our home so we can relocate to where we want to live/work.  This is giving us a little more time for research.
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    welldon guys we are also truggling same sitution, i would like to start an ISO std company but lacking of mony we remove my plans is there any plannig to get MONY give me reply....





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