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MaxAbrahamsMaxAbrahams Posts: 6subscriber
Introducing myself, my name is Max Abrahams. 21 years old I am both an Entrepreneur and Investor but most importantly I am a CONNECTOR.

Both starting and growing a brand/company is tough, and finding the right resources can be even tougher. I am based out of Toronto, Canada with connections around the world.

I (and now you) have access to:

- Consultants (Marketing, Planning, Strategy)with a rolodex of experience
- Business Analysts (Data, Overall Monetization of a company) - these are the people you contact if you hinder something is not right within your company, they will solve it.
- Inventory and Purchase order funding
- Residential Project Funding (Canada)
- Relationships with Banks and Governments that handle Loans & Grants for numerous ventures

In short, if you are seeking a partnership that will yield returns through professional and ethical practices contact me.

Even writing this post has me excited, i hope to hear from many of you soon.


Max Abrahams

E: [email protected]
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