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Need advice on kind of a lame issue

GigiLynneGigiLynne subscriber Posts: 1
edited August 2015 in Thought Leadership
Hello rock stars of start up nation! I'm a noob to the group... Just joined today because I was looking for a group of other small biz/start up people outside of my usual social media platforms since I work with/partner with a lot of people there. Really wanted a fresh perspective and to meet new people.

Anyway, I have kind of a weird problem. As a person, I'm pretty much an outgoing introvert. Put me in a large group of people, in a social setting, or on social media and I'm completely comfortable. However, stick me on the phone and I'm a nervous ball of anxiety. As you can imagine, this goes GREAT with being the sole person in my business. I work online, so phone calls are crucial for establishing dialogs with potential clients, yet I dread them so much. I feel like I'm going to eff up my words, feel automatically nervous, and would literally do anything to get out of making the damn calls.. Yet once they're done, they've gone well and I'm fine. Sadly it has nothing to do with inexperience. I've been in my industry for over ten years and that time has included many many phone calls. So wtf is up with me and how can I get over this?? I feel it's really holding me back and I know that I could be even more successful if I got over this issue.
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