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Licensing a technology from a government body

internationalistinternationalist subscriber Posts: 1
Hi guys,

First post here. I came across an interesting technology that was patented by a government body in the US. At the moment, the tech is no longer under development as they are out of funds for that particular project so it's sitting idle. The tech has not been licensed by anyone to date.

I have nowhere near the funds required to commercialize the technology. The senior researcher estimated somewhere around $5mm, and even then, that was a guess.

The commercialization manager that I spoke to mentioned that I could essentially take out an "option" on the tech. I would be able to control the license for an agreed upon period, and in the mean time, I could attempt to drum up funds for any further research / commercialization.

Would VC / angel investor types be "put off" by the fact I have a speculative license and the fact that I'm not really the inventor?
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