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ME along with my couple of friends have a startup carhire company in hyderbada India and I am a financial supporter. The only problem we have here is marketing. As I have mentioned you that we are startups, we are a little confused on how we can grow our customers and contacts. we have competition with uber , ola and some of the local cabs company. which are already in the market. What new can we do to make our-self unique from them. We are planing to create a Facebook page, a website where we post stuff for social media marketing. Is there anything else we can do? or should do? to get craze in the public? How should we attract new customers ?


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    Looking forward to hear from you guys
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    Hey Nikhilj,
    Obviously you're going to want to have a solid presence online. If you don't even know where to start, from the ground up, I recommend enlisting the help of experts. If you want to read something about starting up online marketing campaigns, you can check out some information here -
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    Digital marketing strategy always helpful in all cases. It can provide you branding, name as well as inbound market. So initially you should have a digital marketing manager with you so that the strategy should be discuss.
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    I believe that you should start by analyzing the market very well. Because you are launching on a market where there are great players like Uber or Ola, first of all, you need to understand that it is extremely difficult to compete with them. Therefore, you need to orient your business towards a niche that you know very well and can handle. Think about offering services only during the night time, for example. It will help you earn a strong position on the market.

    After you have established your business model clearly, you can move to the other steps such as marketing. A website and social media profiles are two great starting points. You need to update them regularly with relevant content for your audience. A blog is also a useful tool for engaging with your people and new potential customers. You can write about your new services or successful projects.

    It is important that you choose these strategies and tools according to your audience, your business mission and objectives.
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    Hello there! Aside from the help of social media you can also use the media as well to promote your services in that way you can easily advertise your business and also with the help of Virtual Assistant Services It will give you a huge boost to gain customer. Hoping this will help. God bless!
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    They will get your wheels rolling right to the success.
    Devise a way in which you can setup a marketing campaign which integrates people's participation along with the purpose of the business.
    I can tell more but then I would have to charge you for that :p

    All the best and take care
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