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Projecting Number of Users for my site

charliescometcharliescomet subscriber Posts: 7
As a start-up company,how would I project a number of register users in the first 6 month to a year for my site in my business plan? What formulas could I use?


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    prefcapitalprefcapital subscriber Posts: 0
    You could estimate based on your marketing expectations.  For example, you could estimate number of impressions your ads would make and a % of the people who saw the add that would actually go to your website.  Then to those people you would apply a % that you think would actually register on your webiste.  In order to figure out the conversion numbers, it`s probably the best for you to do some research for your particular industry.
    Another way to do it is the other way around, figure out how many people you need to become registered users at your website in order for your business to make sense financially, and then figure out how much you need to market - again using the conversion estimates described above.  This is what is typically used for startup projections.
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    googleguygoogleguy subscriber Posts: 47 Bronze Level Member
    This is an excellent question. I would recommend you start by researching how much traffic is available for your specific keyword strategy. Assuming that you invest in good SEO and can achieve good early search engine rankings this could give you a good starting point.
    There are many websites that can give you daily traffic estimates for specific keywords on Google, Yahoo etc. Take the estimated traffic and apply the formula Tiana outlined for you and you have something to work with. Here is a traffic estimator on a site that I can recommend and a link:
    SEO Bookhttp://tools.seobook.com/keyword-tools/seobook/
    Keep in mind that estimating conversion rates is more difficult. For a new website a conversion rate of 4 to 6% is reasonable. This can vary widely depending on the type of site and how well it is built, it can easily reach 15% plus. You will need to give this some thought.
    I hope you found this helpful and........GO GET IT!!


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