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So I have an idea for a smartphone app. I would definitely like to pursue it. Problem is that I am still studying and have no money. One plan of securing funds would be to build a prototype, and then get investors to invest. The only thing is the prototype is also going to cost money. Is there any way I can pursue this smartphone app? I will not be developing it.


  • KnightNguyenKnightNguyen Posts: 6subscriber
    Dear Tyler. What you are attempting to do is difficult but not impossible. You must always remember that in order to launch a company you must be willing to do the following minimal things 1) Get a valid offering, 2) Register an offering, 3) Incorporate a business, 4) Put together a business plan, 5) get an office (even if it is a virtual office), 6) obtain a 1800 number, 7) put up a website. The biggest hurdle is deciding if what you want to accomplish is a hobby or a dream. You can be a very valuable contributor to app development working at a place that has the funding. You just have to remember owners are pioneers and need to show they are serious. Free advice on capitalizing a business. Hope that helps
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    Hi, i had heard this story many times. They got a big idea but are not capable of executing it due to limited time, money, or resources. Luckily, i had seen a group named 700 Dollar Startups. Its a organization that help people whi have big idea come into life in 7 days. Check their site might help.
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    I am currently in the same situation and have some funding, nonetheless, would you mind sharing with me what your idea is, I can show you mines and would love if you could share some feedback.
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