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How to avoid moneyloss when starting your business

CloudtractCloudtract subscriber Posts: 7
edited August 2015 in Elevator Pitches
It's about to happen. You are starting your own business. Exciting. Your funding came through, the first customers are browsing in your store, your site just went live yesterday and you can't wait to check out the ratings and analytics. With a long term plan, each day is filled with to-do's and operational activities to grow your business. Spreading the word the world why you are the best. In what you do or offer. Changing the market, disrupting the industry. We understand this feeling, because we are entrepreneurs as well. While we run our business, one day we overlooked the mistake of not handling our contracts properly. Losing control, losing oversight in our business, and facing the impact. Literally paying a 40k bill for an automatic renewed software license we did not need anymore...

Contract management is boring? Over-complex? Expensive? That's true. That's why we designed our own simple, safe and FREE contract management tool: Cloudtract. Especially designed for us SMEs businesses. It might be useful for you guys: https://www.cloudtract.com

We just want to warn you all out there that you should not underestimate the task at hand. Be first, and stay ahead of your contracts and organize them orderly. Then you stay in complete control of your business, and you remove any risks of losing your business to improper contract management. Trust me. If it can happen to us, it can happen to you. Stay strong and check our simple tool. And with simple we mean manage contracts within 20 seconds. And with safe we mean data security encryption. And with free, we mean free. No strings attached. See for yourself at [url=htts://www.cloudtract.com]htts://www.cloudtract.com[/url].

We are also conducting an international research study about contract management in businesses today. To truly figure out what you guys need. Join https://nl.surveymonkey.com/s/BSSQQ9R


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