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Startup Business Renovation Ideas

jv1597jv1597 subscriber Posts: 5
edited December 2015 in Business Planning
I have a new business renovation collaboration software idea I would like to sell relatively inexpensively, for some quick funding... Anyone interested??


  • jv1597jv1597 subscriber Posts: 5
    Finding the right resources for creative business renovation provides businesses with the outlook they need to develop a good plan for strategic growth, and innovation. By developing a good plan for collaboration your business can manage it's financial strategy, marketing, and product line more effectively. You can find out more about business collaboration at http://www.capterra.com/collaboration-software/.
  • jv1597jv1597 subscriber Posts: 5
    Seeking small business capital can sometimes be a difficult time-consuming task. Finding an alternative resource for your funding needs can provide you with the time you need to manage your daily business operations more effectively. With the right resource, you can develop your product line, and consumer base without the need for immediate funding. This strategic approach also allows small businesses to reinnovate their business continually, by integrating their collaborative resources with daily business operations.

    Anyone interested??
  • jv1597jv1597 subscriber Posts: 5
    Business renovation is not limited to business locale. 67% of businesses are using their website to market to customers. 41% of small businesses are using email to market to customers, a nearly 25% jump from last year.

    Online business is a rapidly growing small business industry resource for development of collaborative partnerships with companies all around the world. By developing your business collaboration network, you can serve your customers needs more powerfully.
  • jv1597jv1597 subscriber Posts: 5
    I think there's a lot of potential in this idea. Is anyone interested??
  • jv1597jv1597 subscriber Posts: 5
    I think this idea has some really neat interface potential. It's really simple, easy-to-use, software that helps grow your business. If anyone is interested, or has any questions, please post as this might work out as a lead-in for other opportunities.
  • brad27brad27 subscriber Posts: 0
    Hello everyone, and thanks for inquiring.
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